Monday, August 19, 2013

Riding on the Diamond Belle - Part III

And we reach the final post of this series.
 The Canadian Club whiskey distillery.  The company was founded here in 1858 and has continually expanded since then.
 I believe this building is the headquarters for Hiram Walker (or whomever owns them now).
 A shot of the Detroit skyline as we were close to the Windsor side of the River.
 This building looks like it may have been a depot at one point.
 Another shot of the Detroit skyline.
 Caesar's Casino in Windsor.  I have several pictures of this building.
 One of the proper ships to make an appearance as we were on the boat was the Arhtur M. Anderson.  I post more pictures of her.  This made me happy because she is probably my second favorite ship.
 Another commorant.
 A view of Detroit from another angle.
 The next proper ship to make an appearance was the Lee A. Tregurtha.  This was also cool and more pictures will follow.
 A shot of the Ambassador Bridge.
 Another shot of the bridge.
 A shot of the people on the deck.
 A sheriff boat.
 The Canadian side of the Ambassador Bridge.
 A shot of Hart Plaza from the water.
 As we were slowly moving by.
 Looking up at the Ren Cen.
 An angle of the Ren Cen that I can't get otherwise.
 Same with this one.
 This view is pretty close to the view I get from Milliken.
 If you see the sign at the top of the Ren Cen, you will notice that it is shaped like the M-1 sign.  M-1 is the official designation for Woodward Avenue.  This weekend was also the weekend of the Dream Cruise.
 Passing the Diamond Queen.
 The Tri-Centennial Light.
 Another view of the light.
 Looking down at the skyline.
 Passing by Chene Park.
And one last view before getting off the boat.

Again, I will have to say that this was a pretty cool idea for a picnic.  I hope that we do it again at some piont in the future.

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