Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Spirit of Windsor Engine

As I was wandering around the waterfront in Windsor, something caught my eye. 
 Turns out that there is a pretty nice steam engine in that park.  It looks like it is fairly well maintained to boot.
 The Spirit of Windsor is Locomotive Number 5588 and was built in 1911 at the Montreal Locomotive Works for the Canadian National Railroad.
 She served until 1961 as a freight or passenger locomotive.
 In 1962, she was found in the scrap yard by the Historic Vehicle Society of Ontario.  A public campaign was launched to save her.
 Now she stands proudly in Windsor.  It was kind of cool because as it started to get dark, I could see the lights on her.  Apparently she is hooked up to hydro power somewhere.
 It wasn't time for this shot though.
But this one worked.

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