Thursday, August 1, 2013

An Evening in Windsor

So a friend and I decided to head over to Windsor on Monday night.  I was kind of waffling until I noticed that a certain other ship would be passing by Windsor at about the right time.
 One of the nice things about Windsor is that you get one of the nicer views of the Detroit skyline.
 It's kind of a shame that these aren't the views that are presented in the media because it doesn't seem so bad.  Instead we are shown all the rot and decay.
 It was a nice enough night but I think these shots would be better served in the morning because the sun would be behind me instead of sort of to the front of me.
 A closer shot of the Ren Cen.
 As you can see the sun was starting to set.
 This is the Micasa Bay which I believe is similar to one of the Diamond boats.
 And a shot of her pilothouse.
 Another shot of the city.
 A closer shot of the One Woodward Tower, Comerica Tower and Guardian Building.  I kind of wish I could get an unhindered shot of the Guardian building.
 The sun was setting lower.  I kind of wish there were more clouds in the sky because that always makes for more dramatic sunsets.
 The Lancaster statue.
 And a Hurricane.
And one more shot of the skyline before moving on.

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