Sunday, August 11, 2013

Thunder Over Michigan - 2013 Part III

After the Vietnam War re-enactment, there were other things going on.
 Next up was Sean Tucker.  He is another stunt pilot and I've seen him a couple of times in the past and I will have to say he is pretty good.  He's won several awards and I think the most recent was his induction into the National Aviation Hall of Fame in Dayton, OH.
 Of course he did all sorts of stunts.
 And rolls.
 He flies a specially built biplane and is sponsored by Oracle.  I'd had to think how many flight hours he's logged over the years.
 I'll have to say he did some pretty impressive stuff.
 But the most impressive is where he cut these ribbons using different attitudes.
 Another turn.
 One more picture because I think he has a neat looking plane.
 One of the Vietnam Re-enactors after the battle.
 The C-47 owned by the Yankee Air Force.  It is painted in Air Force colors from after the war.
 Antother shot of her.
 A pair of T-6 Texans.
 The Corsair going through its paces again.
 Another angle of the Texans.
 One of two B-25's that was flying around.
 The C-47 again.
 The Corsair from the front.  You can see its distinctive gull wing shape.
 Another shot of the Corsair.
 Another shot of the Mustang.
 Another style of Trainer.  I'm not sure what kind thsi one is.
 Another trainer.
 This is a Beech AT-11 Kansan.  It was used to train Bombardiers during the war.
 The Corsair going into a climb.
 Another shot of a B-25.
 The other B-25 that was flying around.
 And almost straight on shot of the B-25.
 The B-25 going into a climb.
 One more shot of the Corsair because I like it so much.
 The F-100 Super Sabre.  The Super Sabre has the distinction of being the first plane with an afterburner.
 It was pretty impressive to watch.  It was even more impressive to hear the afterburner kick in.
 He didn't really do much maneuvering but it was still neat to watch.
 One more shot.
 Then there was an Air Force Heritage flight.  It started with the P-51 and F-84.
 This plane was flying in chase to take pictures.  Color me jealous.
 Three Aircraft built by North American.  According to the announcer, this was the first time this was ever done.  North American would later become Rockwell.  It's still kind of a shame there wasn't a modern fighter to go with this.
 Another shot of the Sabre and P-51.
The F-100 peels off.  This was the last part of the air show.

Like I said earlier, they had planned to have the Thuderbirds this year but the Thunderbirds and Blue Angels were cancelled because of the sequestration.  And this was because Congress can't do it's job.  Yes, they can say that it is the President's job to propose a budget it is ultimately their job to pass it.  I hope that the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds are back next year...but I'm not counting on it.

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