Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Old Presque Isle Lighthouse

Amazingly this lighthouse has eluded my radar for a while because it is a pretty nice lighthouse and in a pretty nice setting.
 The lighthouse itself is just to the north of Alpena as you continue on US-23.  It is located near a town called Presque Isle.  The above statue is a depiction of a Lighthouse Keeper.
 The lighthouse itself was built in 1840 and used $5,000 which was appropriated by Congress in 1838.  It was built out of stone and brick.
 The tower stands at 38 feet tall but I'm not sure what kind of lens was in it.
 By 1867, the lighthouse had deteriorated to the point where it was abandoned for the newer lighthouse which was built a mile north.
 There are legends that say the lighthouse provides residence for ghosts.  There are stories about a ghost of George Parris who used to be  a museum caretaker.  It is said that he still lights the light.  There is another story of a girl who recalls talking to a nice old man in the tower.  She identified him as George Parris.  There is also a story that he may have protected his widowed wife from getting electrocuted in a lightning storm.
As I was wandering around the lighthouse, I looked out on the horizon and saw this ship.  I think she may be the Arthur M. Anderson.

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