Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Forty Mile Point Lighthouse

Next up on my brief tour of the eastern side of the state was the 40 Mile Point near Rogers City.  This is a lighthouse that I visited about three years ago.
 40 Mile Point is situated about halfway between the lighthouses of Presque Isle and Cheboygan.  Because of the range of those two lights, there was a point where mariners had to navigate blind. 
 Consequently, in 1890, the lighthouse board recommended that $25,000 be appropriated for the construction of a lighthouse at Forty Mile Point.  And because Congress was as shortsighted then as they are now, it took approximately five years for this money to be provided.  The lighthouse was completed in November 1896 but it was not lit until the following spring.
 The tower stands about 52 feet high and the lens is a fourth order lens.  This gives the light a range of about 16 miles.  In 1969, the light was automated.
 I just liked the way this flag looked against the Lake Huron sky.
 Just a couple more pictures before I left.
Unfortunately, the angles don't lend themselves well.

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