Friday, August 30, 2013

A Visit from the Walter J. McCarthy

I decided to give my mom a little tour around the area.  I started with Crosswinds Marsh but I didn't really feel like wandering around there.  Then I decided to give AIS a check to see if there was anything in the area and it turned out that the Saginaw was heading upbound.
 So you look at this picture and say, "That doesn't look like the Saginaw or even like Saginaw the city."  And I will agree with you.  The Saginaw ended up docking somewhere and as I leaving Detroit, I caught the McCarthy heading upbound.  So after a quick turnaround, I headed back to Belle Isle.
 It took me a little bit but I caught up with her.  Sadly, my light was waning so I couldn't use any of the other lenses but still.
 I just love the look of 1000 feet.
 And slowly she heads into the night towards Lake St. Clair and the rest.
I take one more picture but sadly, there was  fisherman nearby so it looked like I had a nice crack going down the lens or something like that.

This wasn't quite was I was hoping to catch but a thousand footer is still pretty cool.

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