Monday, August 19, 2013

The Manistee Passes by Detroit

Saturday was the day of the company picnic.  This year, they were hosting it on the Diamond Belle which meant that I would be down by the Detroit River.  It also meant that I would be on the river.  I was kidding around with our HR person that I better see some freighters or I would not be happy with the cruise.  And she said, "I didn't make any guarantees".  Well I got down there a little early because I saw that there would be freighters coming up.
 Even though I didn't see her during the cruise, I figured that this would put my HR person off the hook because I did see a freighter.  And she wasn't just any freighter, but a nice classic laker, the Manistee.
 Since we were catching the boat at Stroh River Place, it gave me a slightly different vantage point for viewing ships.  And since it's at the tail end of the River Walk, it gave me an idea for another photo project at some point.  I think I'm going to take the River Walk from here to Joe Louis (in one way or another).
 The Manistee has been on this blog several times in the past, so I really don't need to say too much about her except that I do like the classic laker look.
 She passed by the grain elevator.
 A shot of her deck house.
And one more shot as she passes under the watchful eye of the Windsor Casino.

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