Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Lazy Afternoon With the Wolverine...Again...

I was actually hoping to do something other than going down to Depot Town to get pictures of the Wolverine again but we got a couple of inches of snow dumped on us again last night.  That kind of precluded going anywhere too far because I didn't want to chance the roads.  At least the sun decided to peak out.
 Although I nearly missed it.  I was waiting in my car and heard the horn, so I had to run over to the spot where I would be taking the picture.  Fortunately, I was fast enough or the train was slow enough or a combination of the two.
 But it was kind of nice in the sun, especially with the snow kicking up.  Just wish I could have gotten a shot a little sooner.
 It passes by pretty quickly though.
 And starts to round the bend.
And just as quickly as it appeared, it is gone.

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