Saturday, March 1, 2014

Eastern Michigan Basketball Vs. Northern Illinois Huskies

So it was time for the game.  If Eastern wants a chance for the 4th seed in the MAC and more importantly the first round bye they would get, they have to win the rest of the season.  Their foe for today was Northern Illinois who has been a thorn in their side for the past few years.  They are also a team that Eastern should beat.
 Mike Talley driving for the basket.
 Mike Talley getting mugged as he was taking the shot.
 Mike Talley directing traffic.  He is one of my favorite players on the current team for two reasons.  One he is a pretty good basketball player and two, he is pretty photogenic.
 Da'Shonte Riley taking a shot.  This was around the point of the game where it looked like Eastern was going to lose.  They weren't looking very good and Northern Illinois had a 13 point lead.
 After a strong defensive effort and some key offense.  Eastern managed to claw their way back to a tie.  Here Karrington Ward is driving in one of the baskets that was part of that effort.
 Darrell Combs looked pretty good too.
 Mike Talley was definately the hero of the game though.  He sank a key three pointer that gave Eastern the lead.  That was later cemented when J.R. Sims would drop a free throw to give the four point lead with a little under 6 seconds to go.
 Mike Talley getting congratulated by the coach before one of the timeouts.
Sometimes the only picture you need to tell the story of a game is a picture like this.  There is not a basketball to be seen...just pure joy.

Congratulations to the Eagles on a hard fought win.

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