Sunday, March 16, 2014

Eastern Michigan in the MAC Tournament

On Friday, I took the bus that Eastern Michigan provided for fans to head over to Cleveland to see the Eastern Michigan basketball team in the semifinals of the MAC Tournament.  Because I took the bus, I had the opportunity to take some pictures along the way.
 The Eastern flag in front of the Convocation Center.
 A picture of a Delta Airline airplane as we were passing Metro Airport.
 The Adam E. Cornelius and American Courage in layup on the Maumee River.
 Swoop getting ready for the game.  I was up in the seats as a fan rather than down on the court as a photographer, so my pictures from the game aren't as great as they normally are.  I did talk to my partner in crime from Eagle Totem because he was at the press table and we probably could have arrange a pass.  It was nice to be at a game in the capacity as a fan though.
 Glenn Bryant III during the warmup session before the game.  The team actually looked pretty loose given that they were in a position that Eastern hasn't been in a while.
 The Toledo cheer team.
 Mike Talley directing traffic for setting up the offense.
 Darrell Combs trying to get around the Toledo defense.
 Glenn Bryant driving towards the basket.  Sadly, he wasn't connecting in this game as much as he has been in other games.
 The Eastern Michigan student section.  During games at the Convocation Center, they usually stand for the whole game but the were told to sit down here.  I can appreciate that, as people behind them are paying just as much to watch the game.  So after being told to sit down, they made silly cheers during just about everything.
 Mike Talley again.
 I'm surprised the ref had the competence to hold a basketball.  The calls seemed to be fairly inconsistent during the game.  Even more so than other games I've watched this season.  But I can't really blame Eastern's loss on that.  Having played three games in four days to Toledo's one game has an effect, I think.
 One of the Eastern Cheerleaders.
 Mike Talley again.
 Swoop dancing.
 Another cheerleader formation.
 And a picture that really tells the story of the game.  Eastern lost pretty bad.  They hanged with Toledo for most of the game but they couldn't hang towards the end of the game.  I feel really bad for the seniors because they were part of a team that seemed to be close to doing something but never could quite close out.  I still things look bright for Eastern's future though.
A shot of Cleveland as were leaving.  Sadly, the bus windows weren't cleaned very well.  It was a pretty fun trip, I just wish the outcome was different though.  I am not sure how Eastern would have fared against Western though but I think they might have pulled it out.

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