Thursday, March 27, 2014

All Things Must Come to an End

So it was time to head back home.  I decided to stop at the Mackinac Bridge because I thought I might have an outside chance of catching the Stewart Cort.  She was making her way to the Soo Locks.  As I got to the Bridge and looked at AIS, it seemed like she didn't move at all.  As I type this, it looks like she is still around Mackinac Island.  I have a feeling, she is waiting for other ships and they will convoy them through the St. Marys River.
 So a few more pictures of the Bridge.  Even this is pretty iced over.
 But it looks pretty cool.  Of course, it would look cooler with the Cort under it but oh well.
 A slightly different angle.
 And a closeup.
 Then I had a chance to get some pictures of the lighthouse.
 It is another one of my favorites.
 I even ventured to the front.
 A slightly different angle to get the long view.
 And a closeup.
 Trying to get some trees in the shot.
 Same angle minus the trees.
 Then I had to get some straight on shots.  A brief shot of Lake Michigan.
 And the Lake Huron side.
One more shot of the Bridge.

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