Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Barton Dam

I headed up to Sault Ste Marie on Monday in an effort to be there for the opening of the Soo Locks.  It was chilly enough on Monday morning that I was thinking that maybe the Barton Dam would have some steam coming off the river, so I decided to head that way out of town.  It took me a little longer to get up north but I wasn't in any sort of hurry.  Besides, it helped out later.
 There wasn't alot of steam but it still looked pretty cool.  Sadly, I was shooting into the sun for these pictures, so they aren't the greatest.
 But they still look kind of cool.
 It has been too long since I've stopped here.  Maybe with the weather getting nicer, I will spend more time here.  I need to visit the Arb soon too.
 I kind of like the waterfalls.
 And slowing down the shutter speed a bit to get the motion effect in the falls.
And one more shot before moving along.

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