Wednesday, March 12, 2014

An Ass

So as the light turned green, this.....gentleman decided to do a u-turn in front of me.
First of all, u-turns are illegal in the State of Michigan.  Second, even if they were legal, it would probably be like in California where it is only at certain intersections.  Third, even then, you can only do it when you have a the green arrow which means that your oncoming traffic would not have a green.  Fourth, what part of icy roads don't you understand?  Five.....blah.

I was hoping that we would have been stopped at the next light so that he could have a new license plate.  Instead, I got to catch him after he did the turn on red thing.  But of course, he cut someone else off in doing that.  But since he drives an SUV, I can only assume he cares about safety...his own.

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