Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Grand Haven Lighthouse Revisited

After the Fallasburg Bridge, we continued on to the Grand Haven lighthouse.  This is the third time I've been to Grand Haven this winter.  It is still pretty cool though.
 The ice is starting to recede a bit but there is still quite a bit of it.  The brownish areas are from the sand blowing off the beach.
 An angle that I didn't get before.
 Another shot I didn't get last time.
 Looking down the length of the pier.
 The side of the lighthouse that people don't use so much.
 As you can see, the pier is still a bit icy.
 Moving closer to the lighthouse.
 Looking up at the lighthouse.
 Looking down from the range light.
 There was quite a bit more open water than last time but it is still pretty icy.
 A kayaker braving the cold.  I kind of like this shot because it makes me think of a shot I could get from Alaska or something.
 Definately an angle I didn't get last time.  Despite the gray skies, the sun was trying to peek through on occasion.  It was nice because it warmed things up a little bit.
 Another view of a frozen Lake Michigan.
 A small ice cave made by the railings.
 Another kayaker was wandering around.
 A shot of the channel light.  As you can see, there is still quite a bit of ice.
 Another view of the tower.
 I'm not sure how effecive this would be at this time of the year.
 Still quite a few people visiting the lighthouse.
 Another view of the two towers.
 There was a little bit of cement visible.
 Thanks for the warning.
 I kind of liked this view a little better.
 Another slight angled view.
 Then I started to wander down the beach a bit.  Gave me a view that I didn't get last time.
 The tower.
 The range light.
 From a little further down the beach.
As I was getting back into the car.

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