Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Happy Paczki Day...or Mardi Gras...or Fat Tuesday

So Fat Tuesday is upon us again.  It is a traditional holiday for Catholics where they party down before the fasting of Lent.
Around here, we have a tradition of eating a dish called paczki (pronounced poonchkie) which are a traditional Polish dish.  They are alot like jelly donuts but a little richer (I think).  The Polish would empty the cupboards of sugar, etc so that they could fast in peace.

The one pictured above is not a traditional pazcki (not sure of the singular version) because it has raspberry jelly instead of plum.  It is likely cooked with vegetable oil and not lard but it still looks pretty good.

So enjoy your Mardi Gras however you celebrate it.

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cmadler said...

Singular is paczak.