Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Pere Marquette 1223 Revisited

So  I stopped at the Pere Marquette engine before leaving Grand Haven.
 While it is cool to see a steam engine.  A living breathing one is much cooler.  I don't expect to ever see this one fully restored again, but you never know.
 A shot of the coaling tower in the background.  They used to use this to fill the train hopper with coal.
 A shot of the engine from the front.
 A slightly off angle shot.
 A closeup of the drive wheels.
 Another shot sligthly off angle. 
 A shot of just the coaling tower itself.
 The straight out shot of the engine.  This engine is the brother of the 1225 which I caught last week.
 Looking towards the front of the train.
 A caboose from the Grand Trunk Western Railroad.  The Grand Trunk was the other large railroad in Michigan.  It's lines are now owned by Canadian National.
 The train engine and coal car.
One more shot before leaving.

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Adam Wright said...

Are you aware that Pere Marquette 1223's only surviving sister engine, Pere Marquette 1225 is in Owosso and operates periodically? See the link below.