Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Point Iroquois Lighthouse and Surroundings

As I said in the last post, there were no boats going through the Soo Locks.  They were all stuck in Duluth and as we were there, a group of Coast Guard ships was going over to Duluth to get them unstuck.  I heard someone say that the ice was about 6 feet thick in some places.  The Coast Guard convoy started moving out of Duluth on Wednesday.  As  I am typing this post, they are somewhere around Thunder Bay.  Rumors are that they will arrive in the Soo on Saturday but I don't think that is likely.

Since there were no ships, I decided to wander down the Scenic Highway to Paradise.  My first stop was the Point Iroquois Lighthouse which is just west of Brimley (Oatmeal Capital of the World).  I try to stop at this lighthouse when I get the chance because it is one of my favorites and one of the more beautiful lighthouses.
 I couldn't get too many angles of it because the paths around it weren't clear and the snow was at least 3 feet thick in some places.
 But I could move around well enough.
 Obsured by some of the trees out front.
 From the road in front.  This is my second favorite angle.  I actually prefer the angle from the other side, but I couldn't get to that one.
 Pulled out a little more to give you an idea of just how isolated it is.  I seriously couldn't imagine being a keeper here during the winter. 
 I did take some of the path that was cleared.
 I thought it looked pretty cool.
 If you look in the background, you can see Lake Superior.  It was pretty angry on Tuesday.  I have to believe that wasn't helping the ships much either.
 Another view of that.
 Just some of the trees around the lighthouse.
 A couple birch trees.
 I think it looks pretty cool.
  A birch and pine tree.
 They have a NOAA station here too.
One more shot of the lighthouse.

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