Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Eastern Michigan Basketball Vs. Ball State

Tonight was the final home game for the Eastern Michigan men's basketball team.  Although it is likely they will get to play the first game of the MAC Tournament at home because of losing a couple of games.  The final home game of any college sport is a bittersweet affair because that is the time that you wish farewell to the seniors on the team.

I think this crop of seniors is special because they are the beginning of a resurgent Eastern Michigan basketball game.  I really wish they had more to show for it though because I felt like they were on the cusp of greatness.  It seemed like they were always close but not quite ready yet.  Still this group of seniors brought us a couple of winning seasons and that has been rare in the last 20 years (although not quite as rare as the football team).

So to Glenn Bryant III, J.R. Sims, Daylen Harrison, Da'Shonte Riley, Mo Hughley and Anthony Strickland I wish fair winds and following seas.  I hope that you find success in whatever path life takes you after college.
 Glenn Bryant III trying to find his way to the basket.
 J.R. Sims on a layup.
 Karrington Ward after a pretty sweet duunk.
 Mike Talley getting fouled.
 Karrington Ward losing his footing while trying to dunk.  The refs say he was fouled by I didn't see it.  I'll take it though.
 Anthony Strickland taking a shot.
J.R. Sims taking another shot.

Eastern ended up winning this game.  In order to not have to play the first series of the MAC Tournament they had to win this group of games and the one coming up on Saturday in Toledo.  They also needed some help from Akron and Ohio.  It sounds like they didn't get that help.

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