Thursday, March 27, 2014

Wandering Around the Soo

The Soo Locks officially opened at 12:01A.M. on March 25th.  Somebody forgot to send Mother Nature the memo that there needed to be some ships there.  As I said in the last post, they were all stuck around Duluth.
 The Park around the locks was still opened and there were a couple of boatnerds that braved the cold to be there for the opening.  It was actually kind of beautiful.
 I think this shot gives you an idea of just how cold it was.
 Some things I don't normally take pictures of.
 A shot just to give you an idea of just how much snow we were talking about.
 I believe this propellor was from the first steamer on the Great Lakes.
 The sign telling you where you are.
 I decided to get a couple pictures of the Valley Camp so that I would see at least one ship.  I'm not really sure if this counts though.
 A slightly off angle shot.  One of these days, I will make a point to visit her.
 Portage Avenue is the main tourist drag of Sault Ste Marie.  To the left, you can see the Ojibway Hotel.  That is where I normally stay when I'm in the Soo.
 Just a shot to give you an idea of how much snow.
 A shot of the MacArthur Lock through the fence.  They are still doing some work on it.
 Looking down the Lake Superior side of the locks.  As you can see, it still pretty iced over.
 A shot of the Administration Building through the fence.
 A sort of shot of the International Bridge.
 This would be the spot where I get pictures of ships from.  It is actually one of my favorite places.
 A pair of old observation cars.  I think these may be used for the snow train.
 A car from the California Zephyr.  I kind of wish they would bring this style back.
 Another car.
And a shot of the International Bridge.

Despite not seeing any ships, I still had fun during my brief stay in the Soo.  It was nice and relaxing for one thing.  Since there weren't any ships, I wasn't spending my time driving from the Locks to Mission Point and back.  I think I'm going to try to get up there within the next couple of weeks.  Hopefully shipping traffic will be at some semblance of normal by then.

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