Sunday, March 2, 2014

Random Wandering Around Depot Town

Just some pictures I took while I was waiting for the train.
 Looking down the street from the train crossing.  Yet another in the series of Standard Midwestern Town.
 The Hudson Museum is not so standard though.
 Looking at the tower of the Depot itself.
 A more overall shot of the museum.
 A sign announcing that you can play pool here.
 The Depot Town clock with the City Body sign in the background.
 Looking down the street.
 A standard rail crossing sign.
 A rail crossing signal.
 The Hudson sign.  There aren't as many icicles this time though.
 Probably one of my favorite views in the museum.  I need to go inside again one of these years.
 A close up of the hood ornament.
 The front of the car.  Sadly, I didn't bring my other lens with me because I could have gotten more of it.  This isn't too bad, I guess.
 If you notice a problem with the signal.
 One of the stores in Depot Town.
 I had to get pictures of the paper plant too.  I liked the reflection in the river.
 The more overall shot.
I liked the way the snow was still hanging on the tree.

I'm hoping that I get to do something next weekend.

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