Thursday, March 27, 2014

Wandering down the Curley Highway

The Curley Highway goes from roughly around Brimley to roughly around Paradise.  It is part of the Lake Superior National Lakeshore.  The Point Iroquois Lighthouse is along the way.  There are also a few scenic turnoffs but none of those were cleared.
 My mom wanted some pictures of some of the streams that were still running.  I was a little hesitant but I'm glad I listened to her.
 The make a nice picture, I think.
 Another shot of angry Lake Superior.
 One more.
 One thing I like about traveling around the Upper Peninsula is that they know how to deal with the roads in the winter.  For the most part, they were clear.  The parts that weren't clear were parts that didn't have shelter from the wind.
 Another stream.
 Even this wasn't too bad if I took it slow.
 Another stream.
 Same stream but from a different angle.
 Again, the same stream but I wanted to get some of the background in the picture.
 One more.
 Just a stand of birch trees.
One more picture of birches.

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