Tuesday, June 14, 2016

An Evening Planewatching

I decided to go planewatching tonight.  It was a pretty nice night after some rain earlier.
 I went to what has been my normal spot.  It is a pretty good spot for catching planes when they are taking off to the south.  As I was waiting for the first plane, I spotting the American goldfinch.
 It wasn't too long before I heard the call on the radio for clearance to take off.  The first one was Delta 98 Heavy to head to Charles DeGaulle Airport in Paris, France.
 A Southwest 737 heading somewhere.
 Another Delta Airbus A330.  This particular one was on its way to Amsterdam.
 I kind of liked the moon in the shot.
 Next I decided to head over to the North Cell Phone Lot because I figured I would have some good shots at planes coming in for landings from the North.  I only had a brief window.  A Spirit Airlines A320 coming in for a landing.
 I believe this is an MD-11 which is an offshot of the DC-10.  I don't think there are too many airlines that use them but FedEx does.
 A MD-90 coming in for a landing from Philadelphia.  As I type this post, it is on its way to Tampa.
A Boeing 717 coming in for a landing.

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