Friday, June 17, 2016

Friday Night Flights

I decided to head over to Metro Airport again tonight.  I wanted to see what the top of the McNamara Parking Deck was like and I'll have to say that it was pretty awesome.  Probably the best spot I've found around Metro. 
 First up is an American Airlines Airbus A319 coming in for a landing.  I can't make out the tail number, so I don't know where it's coming from.
 As I was taking this picture, this Boeing 717-200 was heading to Pittsburgh.  After spending about 45 minutes in Pittsburgh, it turned around and headed back to Detroit Metro.  Roughly one hour after touching down to Metro it was off to Traverse City.  It is scheduled to head back to Metro in the morning and then it's off to Baltimore.
 Delta 687 Heavy cleared for takeoff.  It is heading to Salt Lake City.  And looking at the map, I didn't realize that it was almost directly west of here.
 A Delta Airlines CRJ-700 flying under the auspices of GoJet and using the Call Sign of Lindbergh.  It was flying to Montreal.
 Brickyard 4502 landing after a short hop from Philadelphia.
 A United CRJ-700 taking off for Dulles Airport in Washington DC.
 This Delta 737-800 went down to Georgia.  And now it's on its way back.  Interestingly enough, it could have taken a right to get on the road back there.  Then it would need to take a right to I-275 and turn left to get on I-275.  It would then merge onto I-75 and then head down to Atlanta.  Providing of course it could fit on all that.
 Still taxiing though.  I guess it's going to take the runway and then take to the sky.   I guess I don't blame the pilots for that.
 A CRJ-200 that came in from Quad City, Illinois.
 Now, if you think the 717 above was pretty busy.  This Southwest 737 first went to Baltimore.  After having some crabs in Maryland, they decided to head over to Manchester, Vermont for some lobster.
 This Delta 757 came in from Atlanta.  After a little over an hour at Metro, it headed down to Charlotte, North Carolina.  It the morning, it will return to Detroit.
 An Embrear 175 belonging to United.  It was a plane bound for nowhere and it came from roughly west of Detroit.
 The 737 finally taking off.
 The 757 taxiing to its gate.
 A Southwest 737 taxiing after arriving from Baltimore.  After spending an hour in Detroit, it was off to Denver.  From Denver it will head to Oakland.  In the morning it will fly to Midway Airport in Chicago.
 A Boeing 717 pushing back from the gate.
 Another Embrear 175.
 The cockpit of a DC-9 variant pulling out the gate.
 "Morning Sam.  Morning Frank."
Not sure where this Boeing 717 is headed but I'm pretty sure it's going to fly there.

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