Thursday, June 16, 2016

Crappy Weather But Cool Pictures

I decided to head over to Metro Airport tonight.  I wanted to try out taking pictures from the parking decks.  I've read that there are a few people that do that.  The only problem was that it was going between misting and raining and that didn't make for a
 A Canadair Regional Jet CRJ-200 after coming in for a landing from Harrisburg.  Between this picture and now, it flew to Lansing, MI and back to Detroit.
 An MD-90 preparing to take off.  For some reason, these planes remind me of Groucho Marx.  I think it might be due to the fact that the windows above the cockpit remind me of eyebrows.
 A Delta Airbus 319 taxiing after coming in for a landing.
 An ERJ-135 coming in for a landing after arriving from Columbus, OH.
 An American Airlines Embraer ERJ-145 preparing for take off.
 Delta 2066 Heavy, you are next in line for take off.
 A CRJ-900 coming in for a landing from Pittsburgh.
 Delta 2066 Heavy heading for Seattle.  The flight time was approximately 4 hours.
 Spirit Airlines flight 511 departing for Fort Lauderdale.  It is an Airbus 320 and I kind of like this scheme.  Especially on a day like today. 
 Delta Flight 236 Heavy bound for Leonardo Da Vinci Airport in Rome.  This is an Airbus 330.
 I want to say that this plane is also an Airbus 330, but I can't quite make out the tail number.
 An MD-90.  From this angle, it especially reminds me of Groucho Marx.  This plane was heading to LaGuardia Airport in New York.
 A Delta 757 taking off.  I'm not sure where it was heading because FlightAware can be wonky at times.
This is by far my favorite commercial plane though.

It was a pretty rainy evening but I kind of like weather pictures. 

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