Monday, June 6, 2016

Hanging With the Harbour Fashion

The next ship is one that I haven't seen before.
 Generally when I see a new ship, it is a salty as I've seen most of the ships that normally ply the Great Lakes.
 This particular one is owned by Nordic Tankers out of Copenhagen, Denmark.  She is flagged out of Madeira which is an autonomous Portuguese archipelago.  This makes her like many of the foreign ships where they use what's a called a flag of convenience.
 The Harbour Fashion was built in 2011.  She is 473 long with a beam of 75 feet.  She can carry almost 17,000 tons of cargo.
 I kind of liked the reflections in this shot.
And she was off to Lake Huron.  Her destination was the fertilizer dock in Bay City.  I presume she had a load of some chemicals used for fertilizer.  I kind of wish that I would have known that because I almost would have thought of heading there.

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