Thursday, June 2, 2016

And a Blimp

As I was heading home after boatwatching, I looked up in the sky and saw a blimp over Detroit.  I think it is here because of the Detroit Grand Prix this weekend.  Of course, I had to find a place to stop in order to catch it.
 This particular blimp was launched in October 2007 for the World Series in Boston. 
 The blimp is a second general A-170LS lightship and is owned by Van Wagner Aerial Media.  It calls Orlando, Florida home.
 The blimp is 178 feet long, 46 feet high and 55 feet wide.  It holds 170,000 cubic feet of helium.  It can carry one pilot and 4 passengers.
 The lightsign is 70 feet long and 30 feet high and is full color.
 The blimp's cruising speed is 32 miles per hour and has a maximum of 52 miles per hour.
 I ended up catching it at the Eastern Market, so I had to get a shot of the vege-a-ta-bull.
I couldn't get a shot of it over the skyline though.  This was the closest.

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