Thursday, June 30, 2016

Odd Things You Run Across

So on Sunday, I was near Chicago and I decided to head to O'Hare Aiport and Union Station before heading home.   On the way to the Airport, I ran across this.
 This is the McDonald's Store #1 Museum in DesPlaines, Illinois.  This was the first McDonald's that was opened by Ray Kroc and is considered by the company to be the first one.  However, it is the 9th store because the original one is in San Bernadino, CA.  The oldest McDonald's still in operation is in Downey, CA.  This one was actually a franchise until Mr. Kroc bought out the original owners' stake.
 This one is also a replica.  The original was torn down in 1984 but McDonald's wanted to (sort of) preserve history by building an exact copy of the original one.  There are tours offered but I don't know when.
 I kind of wish there were more like this one.
 Across the street is a more modern looking McDonald's for comparison.
Quite a few more burgers sold in the meantime.

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