Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Up in the Sky

I had a little time to kill during lunch today.  I decided to go out behind the office.  I was hoping to catch some of the planes doing touch and goes at the Ann Arbor Airport.  If the winds are right, I can normally catch some of them.  Unfortunately, there weren't any planes from the Ann Arbor airport, but there were planes from other airports.
 A Delta Airbus A320 flying somewhere.  I tried to look it up after I got back in the office, but I couldn't figure out which plane it was.
 This 747 was pretty easy, especially since it said "Cargolux" on the side.  It was heading from Chicago O'Hare to Luxembourg.
This Delta 737 was heading to Salt Lake City, but I don't remember where it was heading from.  Judging by the altitude, I don't think it was Detroit Metro.

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