Monday, June 20, 2016

Monday at Metro

So I decided to head over to the airport tonight.  Well, as I was getting the car ready, I checked AIS to see if there was anything passing Detroit.  As luck would have it, the Mississagi would be passing Belle Isle shortly after the time I would arrive.  Providing everything went according to plan.

However, stuff didn't go according to plan.  As I was leaving Ypsilanti, traffic was stopped.  It appeared that there was either an accident or a car fire or both.  As I got past and traffic started to move, I figured I still had plenty time.  That of course was if everything went according to plan.

Well, traffic was backed up around the exit where you get off for the airport.  Well, at that point, I figured I couldn't get around the mess and catch the Mississagi, so I got off at the airport.  As it turns out, the freeway had buckled around Merriman Road.  So I didn't catch the Mississagi but I did get some pretty cool airplane pictures.
 First up is Delta 98 Heavy bound for Charles DeGaulle Airport in Paris, France..  The plane is an Airbus A330-300.  The flight is roughly 7 hours.  Approximately two hours after the plane lands, it will head over to Seattle.
 A Republic Airlines plane wearing United Express regalia.  This particular aircraft arrived from Newark.  It would turn around and return to Newark and then head onto Green State Airport in Providence, Rhode Island. 
 Two Delta Regional Jets.  One is taxiing for take off, the other is coming from a landing.
 This Delta Connection Jet is operated by ExpressJet and they have the callsign of Acey.  This particular plane was coming in from Richmond, Virginia, I think.  ExpressJet started in 1987 and was a conglomerate of small airlines acquired by Texas Air and Continental.  In 2002, it was spun off from Continental.
 This particular aircraft was coming in from Huntsville, Alabama.
 Delta Flight 2807 coming in for a landing from LaGuardia. 
 After almost 3 hours in Detroit, this plane would go on to Reagan International in Washington DC.
 I can't make out the tail number for this one.  But it is a Spirit Airlines plane in the taxi regalia.
 Spirit Airlines Flight 852 from Myrtle Beach.  This plane would turn around and head to LAX.

 A Delta Flight coming from somewhere.
 This plane is off to Amsterdam.
 A United Flight to O'Hare probably.
 I kind of liked this shot with a CRJ taking off and one landing.
 I can't make out the tail number for this one, so I'm not sure where it was off to.
 This particular aircraft was coming in from Charlotte, NC.
 Frontier 1853 to Sky Harbor in Phoenix, AZ.  I think Frontier has some of the neatest livery out there.
 American Eagle Flight 4502 from Philadelphia.
 An Airbus 319.

A JetBlue plane off for somewhere.
 I believe this plane is heading to O'Hare.
 Delta 236 Heavy heading off to Leonardo DaVinci Airport in Italy.  This flight will take 8.5 hours. 
 A Delta 737-900 on it's way to Salt Lake City.
 Delta Flight Something Heavy, you're clear for takeoff on Runway 21L.
 This is a 757, which is my favorite commercial plane.
 And probably my favorite picture of the day.
An American Airlines plane off to O'Hare.  After O'Hare, it will continue to Minneapolis.

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