Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Stuff Not Otherwise Classified

These are some of the things I saw the rest of the day that I couldn't fit into boat posts.
 An Army Truck.
 I believe this is a de Havilland Canada Beaver.  The plane had it's first flight in 1947 and production started up a year later.  It is mostly used as a bush plane but a few found their way into the hands of the US Army the US Civil Air Patrol.  Production of the aircraft continued for 20 years with a total of 1,657 being built.  It is powered by a Pratt & Whitney Wasp Radial engine rated at 450 horsepower.  It can carry 6 passengers and a little over 2000 pounds of cargo.  It has a top speed 158 miles per hour.  Because of its powerful engine, it could perform a short takeoff.
 A gaggle of geese.
 Just the mom and her kids.
 A constant sight at Mission Point is the Sugar Islander ferry.
 I think this is a Sirrus 22.
 A border patrol boat.
 Another kind of boat.
 I didn't realize that planes coming in from Europe to certain airports here pretty much pass right over the Soo.  As a result, I would check FlightAware for any interesting aircraft.  This particular one caught my eye because it was an Airbus A380.  The Airbus A380 first flew in 2005 and was their answer to the Boeing 747.  The plane is a double decker and can carry at least 500 people.  It is currently the largest airline in the world and as a result, there are only a few airports that are equipped to accomodate it.
 I have no idea what kind of plane this is.
 Some blue flag irises.
 The Boatnerd cruise passing Mission Point.
Another seaplane.


minicooper said...

Not sure on the DHC Beaver description! I think it's a Piper Super Cub - PA18S


minicooper said...

Me again! The smaller float plane seems to be a Challenger II amphibious ultralight!