Saturday, June 18, 2016

Chasing the Behemoth

After boatwatching, I had to pick up a print from the Michigan Union for my mom.  I then decided to go planewatching at Metro Airport.  I was actually entertaining the idea of going to O'Hare but I was a little on the tired side and I didn't want to be heading back under those conditions.  I was hoping to catch the 747 taking off for Tokyo.
 First up was the Delta 767 that came in from Munich.  I kind of like taking pictures from the parking deck at Metro.  I don't like paying for it so much but if I don't stick around too long, it's not too bad.
 Delta Flight 1201 heading for Baltimore-Washington International.  As  I was taking pictures, I noticed the Detroit skyline and I was wondering how I could get it in some of my pictures.  Well, it turns out, I didn't have to figure that out.
 A 737 belonging to Southwest.
 A Delta 737 off to Cancun.  As I type this post, it is on its way back from Cancun.
 A CRJ900 bound for somewhere.
 And a Boeing 717 bound for somewhere.
 A CRJ900 that was off to Philly.  I'm guessing for sandwiches, but I'm not sure.  From there, it would head to JFK International in New York.  After a couple hours in New York, it would continue to Rochester, New York.  In the morning, it will return to JFK.
 An Embraer 505 Phenom 303.  The Phenom 303 first flew in 2008 and was developed from a smaller Embraer model.  The first production units would start in 2009.  In that time, 320 aircraft have been sold.  It has 1 or 2 pilots and can carry 6 passengers.  It can travel at a maximum speed of 518 miles per hour.
 Virgin Atlantic 107 arriving in the Motor City.
 I kind of like it when I can get the wheel smoke from the tires as they touch down.
 She taxis to her gate.
 Delta Flight 748 arriving from Atlanta.  This is a Boeing 757.
 A 747 arriving from somewhere.  This wasn't the flight from Tokyo, but I don't remember the flight number.
 A Dassault Falcon 20.  Dassault is a French aircraft manufacturer which was famous for the Mirage series of fighters.  This plane was designed to compete with the Lear Jets.  The first Falcon 20 came around in 1963.  After a 25 year run, 508 of these were produced.  It is used by the Coast Guard and Air Force as well as civillian customers.
 A Boeing 737 coming from somewhere.
 If you look closely, you can see that there are three planes in this picture.  Metro may not be as busy as O'Hare but there is a fairly constant stream of aircraft coming in.
 An Airbus 319 coming in.
 While I didn't catch the 747 leaving for Tokyo, I did catch the 747 coming in from Tokyo.  It was pretty cool to see the behemoth.
One more shot of her. 

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