Thursday, June 2, 2016

And Ending With Planewatching

I decided to stop at the airport for some brief planewatching.
 I think this is a Airbus A319 belonging to Delta.
 This one appears to be a Boeing 737.
 A Canadair Regional Jet.
 A Boeing 717.
 I want to say this is a Boeing 757.
 An American Airlines Airbus A319 that was on its way to Charlotte, North Carolina.
 A Delta MD-90 on its way to Minneapolis.
 A smaller version of a Canadair Regional Jet.
 Another MD-90 or 88.
 A Boeing 757 on its way to Orlando.
 I think this is a Regional Jet.
 Another Airbus A319.
And we end with another Regional Jet.

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