Thursday, June 2, 2016

Catching Up With the Tim S. Dool

It has been almost three years since I've seen the next ship.  And even before then, I saw her pretty sparingly.    I don't think she gets in this neck of the woods all that often.
 She is heading to Hamilton but I'm not sure what she is carrying.  She may be carrying grain but I'm not sure.
 She's had an interesting past few days though.  At roughly 0300 on May 26th, she lost all power and was running adrift in Whitefish Bay.  There was a 440V short circuit which took out her electrical system.
 She was towed to Sault Ste Marie where she was repaired.
 I also heard that the Dool may be on her way to the cutting torch too but she must have loads, so I think she was brought out to service.
 At any rate, it was pretty cool to see her.
The ship to the right is the American Mariner, I missed her by about 10 minutes or so.  The ship to the left is the subject of my next post.

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