Sunday, June 19, 2016

Only One Ship Today...

I had plans to go boatwatching but those plans didn't stand up well against apathy.  After a couple of cups of coffee, I decided to head up to Port Huron.  I was hoping to catch the Cuyahoga.  I knew that I would be cutting it close.  As I got to Port Huron, I saw the Cuyahoga entering the channel, so I missed her.
 I knew that there were a couple of ships heading downbound.  I was pretty sure that I wasn't going to catch one of them but I was pretty certain that I would catch the other.
 The other ship happened to be the Federal Hudson which is owned by Federal Navigation out of Montreal.
The Federal Hudson was built in 2000.  She is 656 feet long and 77 feet wide.  Her capacity is 36,563 tons.  She's one of several salties that travel on the Great Lakes.
 As I was taking pictures of the Federal Hudson, I was alerted by the engines of these two boats.  It was almost like they were racing.
 It didn't take too long for them to pass. 
 I think she was heading down from Thunder Bay, which meant that she was traveling about two days before this point.  If she was heading from Thunder Bay, it is likely that she is carrying grain. 
She is heading over to Montreal and according to AIS, she will get there sometime on Tuesday.

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