Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Stewart J. Cort Passes the Soo

The Stewart J. Cort was making her way up Lake Huron.  I had just missed her at Mackinaw.  I didn't have a chance to catch her as she was passing DeTour.  I tried to catch her on the way up but I couldn't find a good spot to do so.
 But I did catch up to her at Mission Point.  She is another ship that I don't see often enough but it seems like I see her every time I'm up at the Soo.
 She pretty much exclusively travels between Superior, Wisconsin and Gary, Indiana.  I don't think she has made many trips down Lake Huron.  She has a unique shuttle unloader that makes it difficult for her to use other ports.
 She sports the #1 on her deckhouse because she was the first 1000 footer on the Lakes.
 She is the only classically configured 1000 footer with her pilothouse to the front.
 She's still a pretty neat looking ship.
 A shot of her pilothouse.
 And her Plimsoll Lines.
 The rear of her pilothouse.
 Her deckhouse.
 And she passes Mission Point.
 I caught her against at the Power Plant.
 She waits to enter the Poe Lock.
 Still waiting.
And one more shot of her from my hotel room.

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