Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A View of the Westcott

On Sunday, I decided to do a little boatwatching.  I was hoping to catch one of my favorites a little later in the morning and I thought I had a chance to catch another.  In order to catch her, I 'd have to head to Riverside Park.
 Sadly, I wasn't able to catch the ship I was looking for but I was able to catch the Westcott as she was returning.  I think the last time I saw the Westcott was during the tugboat races back in June.  This is mainly because I haven't been going down to Riverside Park since she is sort of closed.  Well at least that's what the signs say.

It's kind of sad because I do enjoy that park and I do enjoy watching the Westcott in action. 
 The Westcott is a fairly busy boat and it seems like they keep her in tip top shape.
Here she is slipping in front of the pilot boat from Port Huron (not sure why she is here though).

It's kind of sad when you look at Riverside Park.  You would think that Detroit would want to get in back in shape since it is a fairly popular park but I guess that's what happens when you mess up a city.

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