Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Eastern Michigan Vs. Toledo Football

After taking a few pictures around town, I headed over to the game.  I was hoping the weather would hold for the night because it was starting to get a bit on the chilly side.
 The University of Toledo plays in what is known as the Glass Bowl.  It is located almost on the main campus of University of Toledo.  The Glass Bowl was built in 1936 as a Works Progress Administration project and was originally known as University Stadium and held 8,000 fans.  After World War II, it was renovated with some glass elements and renamed the Glass Bowl based on that and the fact that Toledo's main industry was glass.
In 1966, seating was added to south endzone.  This was followed by additional expansions in 1971 which brought the capacity up to 18,500 (no one on the end of this stadium....).
 In 1990, the press box, 40 luxury seats, 400 stadium club seats and some other things were added.  The stadium has an official capacity of 26,248 but for the Navy game in 2001, it held 36,582 people.  It's actually a pretty impressive looking stadium (especially for a MAC team).
 Javonti Greene attempting to catch a pass during the practice before the game.
 One of the Toledo majorettes during the pre-game show.
 A shot of the band.
 The Toledo Color Guard during the Star Spangled Banner.
 Eastern's band made the trek down to Toledo and their director was leading the Toledo band during the Star Spangled Banner.  I thought it was pretty cool.
 The Rockets take the field.  I'll have to admit that this was a pretty impressive entry.
 Just after the ball was hiked.
 Ryan Brumfield during a rush.  I don't think he got that many yards during the game.
 If I needed just one picture to describe the game it would be this one.  The elation of the Toledo player versus the frustration of the Eastern player.
 The Rockets celebrate one of many touchdowns.
 Eastern's band during the halftime show.
 Eastern celebrating one of two touchdowns.
 One of the Toledo players eluding a tackle.   I don't know how many missed tackles there were during the game.
 One of the Toledo players breaking through the line.
 Toledo celebrating another touchdown.
 The Toledo player attempting to break free of a tackle.
 Mark Iannotti during what I thought was a fake extra point.  It turned out that it was just a botched snap.
 Oh to be young, drunk and stupid again.
 The battle of the lines.
 The Toledo quarterback looking for a person to pass to.  Not that he was having any particular trouble in that regard.
 Roback doing the same.  But he was having a little more trouble.
 He did find his mark on occasion though.
 The post game handshake.
And the final score.

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