Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Catching the Blough Between the Rain

And finally, we reach the main thing that dragged me down to Detroit, the Roger Blough.  Yes, I know that I have several pictures of her already but it has been pretty rare for me to catch her lately.  It seems like she's been making her passages during the week or evening when I can catch but not this time.
 I almost missed her because right after I took this shot, it started to pour really hard and I was about to pack it up.  But after I left the island, the rain let up so I went back.  Here she is just below the horizon waiting to pounce.
 Once again, she is loaded with taconite for Conneaut, Ohio.  Taconite is refine iron ore in the form of pebbles.  From the docks in Conneaut, it goes by train to the US Steel Mill in Pittsburgh (I think).  From there it is manufactured into the steel that is the fabric of modern society.
 I love the looks of the Blough when she is fully loaded.  She definately takes on her image as a snapping turtle ready to pounce on something.
 She may look mean but she wont hurt a fly.  Well she may hurt stupid boaters that don't get out of her way but it's not her fault...honest.
 As you can tell from the sky, it wasn't a particularly nice day.  At this point, I was pretty soaked and wanted to be home.
 But then I wouldn't get shots like this.  Just love the clouds.
 She slowly passes by.
 And almost gives me a straight shot.
 But instead I opted for a shot of her pilothouse.
 And bow.  I was trying to wave in hopes of getting a greeting, but that didn't happen.
 Slowly she works her way past the Coast Guard station.
 But I decided to hurry and head over to Milliken.  I wanted my straight out shot.
 And I'm glad I took it because the clouds looked really neat.
 More of a straight shot.
And slowly she passes the Eye of Saruon and continues onto Ohio.  After she left the friendly Detroit River, she had to anchor for a while at Sandusky while the winds on Lake Erie raged.  I was going to catch a picture of a tanker, but it started pour again and I did not want to get more soaked.

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