Monday, November 4, 2013

Wandering Around Toledo

I was heading down to Toledo to catch the Eastern Michigan vs. Toledo football game.  Since I got down there a little early, I decided to head over to the Schoonmaker.
 She is a ship I visited before, however when I saw her before she was the the Willis B. Boyer instead of her current name.  Although her current name was her original name when she was built in 1911.
 She wore these names and colors while she served as the flagship of the Shenango Furnace Company until she was sold in 1969.  The Shenango Furnace Company was founded by William P. Snyder in 1901.  They operated several facets of the steel industry from the mining of the ore to the production of the steel.
 Kind of a cool looking profile.  I kind of wish I had caught pictures of her when they moved her to her current location.
This is the Veterans' Glass City Skyway which is on I-280.  It was opened in 2007 after many delays.  The bridge this is replacing is the drawbridge just below it which was named after 2nd Lt. Robert Craig who was awarded a Congressional Medal of Honor during World War II.  Veteran Groups were upset that the replacement bridge wouldn't be named after him, so the naming committe decided to name it after all veterans.  I think this is a pretty cool looking bridge.
 A shot of the pilothouse from an angle that I don't normally get it at.
 The Shenango Furnace stack.  Sadly this is another company name that has been relegated to the dustbin of history.
 A shot of the Schoonmaker with the Bridge.
And a shot of the Toledo Skyline.  Considering that Toledo's population is around 300,000 this is pretty impressive.  The city itself was founded in 1833 and was originally part of Monroe, Michigan.  After the conclusion of the Toledo War in 1837, it was reincorporated in Ohio.

The Toledo War came about as a result of a dispute over which state would get the strip of land that contained Toledo (among other things).  There wasn't much real fighting and in a compromise, the State of Michigan got the Upper Peninsula (which I think was the better end of the deal).

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