Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Turkey Day from Michigan Exposures

I didn't know where I could locally take a picture of a turkey, so I figured I would post a turkey of a different sort.
One of the nicknames for the Grumman Avenger is the Turkey.  Apparently when the aviator would go through his pre-flight checks of the control surfaces it looked like a turkey strutting his feathers, so the name stuck.
The F-14 Tomcat also earned this nickname, so I will post a picture of one of those as well.  Especially since it is my favorite aircraft.
Somehow, it wouldn't be a Thanksgiving post without a picture of a real turkey.  So here's a pair of those.

So from the people at Michigan Exposures (me) to all of my loyal readers, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and Go Lions!

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