Sunday, November 10, 2013

Briefly Wandering Around Belle Isle

Don't get the wrong impression from the last post.  I like going to Belle Isle.  Despite the need for love, I think it is a fairly nice park but I think it could be nicer with more love.  And honestly, I don't think the city of Detroit is in a position to give the love it needs.
 Still hints of autumn though.
Another view with hints of autumn.
 Looking down the main drag of island.
 This is the only set of working public access bathrooms on the island.  There are bathrooms in some of the museums and stuff but this is the only set that you can get into most of the time.  The rest are either boarded up or just don't work.  They have porta-potties in front of them.  One of the apsects of the State's deal was that they would infuse some much needed maintenance into the island.  This is one thing that they could fix.
 Looking down the other side of the main drag on Belle Isle.  This road is an example of private funds stepping up where city funds have failed.  These roads were repaired for the Grand Prix.  Of course, if Belle Isle were to become a State Park, there probably wouldn't be a Grand Prix here anymore.
 This is probably another example of something that needs some work.  I've only seen this fountain in action a couple of times.  Most of the time it looks like this.  I've heard that one of the reasons why it doesn't work is because someone stole the fixtures.  I would imagine the other and probably more likely reason is that they are old.  Sadly, it is a pretty nice looking fountain.
 The Casino.  Althouhg it's not a gambling casino.
 The Nancy Brown Peace Carillon.
 A duck.
 A seagull.
One more view of the Scott Fountain.

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