Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Dossin Great Lakes Musuem Remodeled

Earlier this year, the Dossin Museum was closed for remodelling.  It was actually much needed because its age was starting to show.  I finally got a chance to see what they've done.
 The first room as you enter the museum was relatively unchanged.  It is a recreation of the smoking room of the SS City of Detroit III and sort of brings you back to the days of luxury steamships that sailed on the Great Lakes.
 The rest of the music was changed though.  There are more interactive exhibits and it isn't as crowded as it used to be.  I think they improved the lighting as well.  This is an example of copper.
 A ship's horn.  You can actually hear some of the sounds of the Lakes.
 A sextant.  This is a tool that used to be used in navigation.
I don't remember what this was called.  But it was a tool that was used in developing more accurate charts of the Great Lakes.
 An example of an old wireless telegraph.
 They've included some of the trophies that are awarded on some of the River Races.  I'm not about to name them all.
 But they look pretty neat.
 A painting depicting the battle of Lake Erie.
 A model of an old rail ferry.  This is the Pere Marquette 10.  If I remember correctly, she is now a barge.
 An old sail ship.
 This is sort of a simulator of a pilothouse.  I think it is supposed to be the William Clay Ford.
 One of the cannons from the Battle of Lake Erie.

Overall I was pretty impressed with the renovation of the Museum.  I don't think they had as much on display as they used to but it was laid out much better.  The exhibits are a little more interactive though.

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Anonymous said...

when i was there, i loved the models. thanks for the update.