Thursday, November 14, 2013

Eastern Michigan Versus Robert Morris in Basketball

I was kind of waffling on whether I was going to go to the Eastern basketball game tonight.  In the end, I decided to go because I think Eastern was actually facing a quality opponent in the form of Robert Morris.

Robert Morris University is located near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  In recent years, they have had some success in basketball and have made it to the NCAA tournament eight times.  They've only won once though.  But enough about that.
 For my blog, I'm going to pick out what I think was my best pictures of the night from the game and random shots of other things.  For other game shots go to Eagle Totem.  A shot of the banners hanging in the rafters of the Convocation Center.  The EMU basketball teams have had a bit more success than the Football teams.
 Swoop riding a tricycle.
 In the warmups between the halfs, I decided to slow the shutter speed down to get some artsy looking shots.  I kind of like this one.
 But I like this one better.
 A shot of the court after the game.  They were celebrating a hard fought win.  At one point in the first half, EMU was down by 10 points but through a pretty stingy defense and some timely offense, they were able to claw their way back and would lead by three at the end of the half.
 Glenn Bryant going for the basket.
 Tied up in knots on the court.  I'm still gettting used to basketball but it seemed like the refs missed a few calls.
 Ray Lee leaping into the air.
 Ray Lee dunking.
 Olalekan Ajayi going for a shot.  This would have been a sweeter shot had the ball been on the other side of the backboard.  I still like it though.
 Ray Lee getting mugged on the way to the basket.
Daylen Harrison is one of my favorite players right now.  He's not too flashy but he seems to get things done.

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