Monday, November 25, 2013

Ghost Ships

I did some other messing around in Lightroom tonight.  I've heard some news in the boatnerd community lately.  And it's not good in my opinion.
 The first bit of news that I heard was that the St Marys Challenger would be converted into a barge.  If you will recall, she was the oldest self powered freighter on the Great Lakes (if not the world).  At 107 years old, she was something special and would attract a following anywhere.  As a barge, she wont be so special anymore.  So I decided to make her into a ghost ship with some messing around in Lightroom.
 Then I heard that Algoma Quebecois was being towed to the scrapyard.  She's not quite as old as St Marys Challenger but I think she was one of the older Canadian built vessels on the Lakes.  She's a fairly beautiful boat at any rate.  Soon she will be a ghost ship (even more so than the Challenger).
I haven't heard anything about Algoma Transfer (or Frankenship as I call her) in a long time.  Based on the other news above, I do not think her fate is much better.

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