Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Windy Day in St. Joseph

Yesterday I decided to head over to St. Joseph because I heard it was pretty windy over that way.  It was pretty windy but not as windy as it is today.  Still, the St. Joseph Lighthouse always makes for some nice pictures.  So here goes.
 Many of the lighthouses on the western side of the state have catwalks like this.  The waves can get pretty nasty and if you have to go up to the lighthouse, it's the only way.
 A couple of fisherman taking advantage of the day.  I saw one catch a fairly decent sized rainbow trout.
 The path out to the lighthouse was alot less treacherous than the last time I visited it.  So  I wandered out to the lighthouse itself.
 It's starting to look like this light is needing some love too.
 The range light is looking pretty cool.  Based on the water on the pier, it looks like I may have missed some nice waves.
 A closer shot of the range light.
 Looking back at the lighthouse.
 Looking up at the lighthouse.  I definately didn't get this shot last time.
 Then I wandered out on the beach to get some different angles.  I wish the sky were a little more dramatic looking.
 Oh well, the lighthouse is still nice.
 Gives you an idea of how deserted it was yesterday.  I think I saw more people when I came seeking the ice covered pier.
 Looking from up on the hill.  Makes for some different views.
 I was trying for a framing shot here.
 I kind of like the angles from up there.  Basically it's called a range light because the two lights will tell you when you're on course to enter the channel.
 For instance, I would be way off course here.
 A little better.
 Sort of framing it with the vegetation.
 One more shot before moving to another spot.
 I decided to head over to the other river because I'd never been there before.  I kind of like this sculpture.
 It's definately dangerous in the winter.
 A different perspective.
 This gives you an idea of the waves I was seeing.  For a while, there was somebody kitesurfing.
 Getting closer.
 The light was shining on the front light.
 Another shot.
 A shot from the side.  I kind of like the view from over here.
 Another shot of the front light.
 And the pair.
 Looking down the pier.
 One more shot of the pair.
 One more shot of the waves.
 The railroad bridge.  I kind of wish I knew when the trains were going through because I think that would make for a nice shot.
Another angle of the sculpture before moving on.

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