Sunday, November 17, 2013

Michigan City East Light

The light was waning but I needed to get pictures of this lighthouse as well.
 As I said in the last post, the Michigan City East Light was built in 1904 after some expansion to the harbor in Michigan City.
 It was decided that it would be a pier light to show where the channel opened.  This particular light is unique in that the catwalk is still pretty much intact.
 It pretty much reminds me of the St. Joseph Lighthouse but I suspect that is because there is some degree of standardization amongst lighthouses and these are pretty close together.
 I guess this lighthouse was up for deactivation in 2007 and the city was going to try to claim it.  Not sure how that is going.
 A shot of the Indiana Dunes.  One of these days, I'm going to have to head over there.
 A shot as I was walking out on the pier.  I almost ended up not doing this because it was so windy yesterday.  I had sand blowing on my face.
 But I'm glad I did, because I got some nice pictures, I think.
 About as close as I was going to get.

A closeup shot of the tower.
 It looks like they added a solar panel.
 I was trying to frame it with the catwalk.
 As I was heading back to the car.
 An almost straight shot of the catwalk.
 As I was heading into the car, I noticed that they turned the lights of the catwalk on.  I figured I needed a picture of that.

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