Sunday, November 10, 2013

The View From the Pilothouse

As I was leaving Detroit, I looked towards the River and saw the Edgar Speer upbound.  She was almost past Milliken, so I had to hurry up and turn around if I was going to catch her.
 I decided to make a brief stop at the Dossin Museum to catch her from the pilothouse of the William Clay Ford.  The William Clay Ford was a laker that served on the Great Lakes from 1953 until 1986.  In 1986, her pilothouse was removed and placed at the Dossin Museum.  For the most part, it looks like a fully functional pilothouse and isn't a bad place for boatwatching.
 The Speer is one of thirteen thousand footers that ply the Great Lakes.  She is currently owned by Great Lakes Fleet.
 Many people don't like the looks of these ships, but I do.  I think they look very impressive.
 She slowly works her way past the pilothouse.
 I decided to get a view that looked more obviously from a pilothouse.  Occasionally, they the radio on, so that you can hear river traffic.
 Then I decided to head a little further down the island to catch her without window reflections and what not.  I barely caught her.
 The almost full beam shot.  You don't really get a good idea of the size of one of these behemoths until you are standing right next to one of them.
 She works her way past the Coast Guard Station.
 A couple more shots.
One more shot.

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