Sunday, November 24, 2013

Eastern Michigan Vs. Bowling Green Football

So I went to the Eastern Michigan game yesterday.  Temperature said it was in the 20's but with the wind, it felt much much colder.  I was hoping for a good game at least.  For other pictures of the game, go here.  It was also Senior Day and for those pictures go here.
 A shot of Swoop before the game.
 The Leslie Science Center eagle.  He was being used as a prop for the Senior Day pictures.
 The Eastern Michigan flag at the end of the field.
 The EMU color guard wait in the end zone before marching the flag out for the Star Spangled Banner.
 The color guard marches the flag out to the field.
 During the playing of America the Beautiful.
 The team takes the field.
 The color guard during the playing of the Star Spangled Banner.
 Another shot of Swoop.
 The Leslie eagle during the Star Spangled Banner.  Because of the winds, she was kiting.
 One of the Bowling Green players.
 One of the highlights of the game was when Eastern was able to pin the ball inside the one yardline during the game.
 I think this is William Houston during a run.  Bowling Green pretty much ran roughshod over the Eastern Michigan defense.
 The other highlight of the game was the interception by Sean Kurtz in which he ran it in for a touchdown.  At the time, it seemed like EMU might make a game of it but it turned out to be EMU's only score.
 Bowling Green quarterback Matt Johnson taking the snap.
 Ronnie Moore after a catch.  The Bowling Green passing game did a number on EMU as well.
 Ronnie Moore getting lifted in the air after a touchdown.
 The EMU dance team.
 This sign seems like wishful thinking.  I think EMU in its current state versus Albama would be like a Sherman Tank taking on an M-1 Abrams.
 A Bowling Green player getting tackled.
 The Bowling Green quarterback after a sack.  There were a couple of bright spots in the game, despite the score, the EMU defense seemed to be trying through part of the game.
 Ryan Brumfield leaping during a run.
 Travis Greene during a run.
Travis Greene celebrating a touchdown.
 At least the band looked good.
 One of the drum majors during one of the numbers.
 The band during a dance move of sorts.
 Another shot of the band.
 Swoop taking part in the halftime show.
 Another number of the band.  If you look behind the band, you can see a few Bowling Green fans.
 The baton twirler.
 The band after the performance.
 A shot of the game.  The official attendance was 1,751 but I think that was being pretty generous.
 Ike Spearman making a tackle.
 Travis Greene handing the ball off after a touchdown.
 One of the Bowling Green players finding a hole in the defense.
 Another touchdown celebration.
 Another tackle by Ike Spearman.
 Another tackle.
 Swoop chilling out during a review of a play.  They were reviewing whether the Bowling Green defense got a touchdown after a fumble recovery.  It turns out they did.  But at this point, did it really matter?
 At least the cheerleaders were enthusiastic.
 A shot of the trenches from the EMU point of view.
 Mark Iannoti was brought into the game during its waning moments.
 William Houston running for the endzone.
 William Houston getting mugged as he celebrates the touchdown.
 Another touchdown celebration.  Bowling Green had alot of those yesterday.
 The guy in the red hat is the guy that indicates when there is a media timeout.  While he is on the field, there are commercials.
 Another shot of the cheerleaders and the band.
 Senior Javonti Greene trying to make a run.  For some reason, this picture is pretty symbolic of Eastern's season as it never really got going.
 Andre Givens going around the pile.
 Andre Givens after he broke through the hole.
 A shot of the flags at the end of the field.
 The postgame handshake.  This is still one of my favorite traditions.
 The final score was 58-7.  The really sad part of the game was that Eastern only managed 65 total yards.  That is only 8 more yards than Bowling Green got points.
A shot of the field after the game.

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