Saturday, November 30, 2013

Soaring Eagle Hotel

Since I was going to my Uncle's for Thanksgiving and Mount Pleasant for the game on Friday, I decided to stay at Soaring Eagle Hotel for Thursday and Friday night.  It was actually a pretty nice hotel and with the right package, I would stay there again.
 This stained glass window was in front of the elevator as I reached my floor.  I kind of like it.
 A shot of the hallway.  The Native American theme prevails over the whole hotel.
 The hotel itself.  I've been coming to Soaring Eagle casino for close to twenty years now.  When I first starting going there, it was set up in a bingo hall.  Then they built a bigger casino.  Now they have a huge casino that hosts shows and lots of things.  Regardless of what you may think about gambling, these casinos have brought a bunch of money to the tribes that run them.
 I kind of liked these decorations on the outside.
 The unloading area for the hotel.
Looking up at one of the towers.

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